Five on Friday: 5 Healthy Pumpkin Grocery Store Finds
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Five On Friday

Five on Friday: 5 Healthy Pumpkin Grocery Store Finds

Happy Halloween! Pumpkin products have been popping up all month. It's estimated that American's consume $300 million worth of pumpkin flavored products during Autumn. Many products don't actually contain any pumpkin, just artificial pumpkin flavorings. Read labels very closely so you purchase products with real pumpkin or pumpkin puree and without a lot of added sugar and fat.  

It would be ideal to make your own pumpkin products from scratch, but with busy schedules that's not always possible. Here are 5 healthy (and delicious!) pumpkin products you can find at your local grocery store and indulge in without guilt.  

Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Fig Granola

This gluten free granola is made from natural and organic grains, including quinoa and amaranth. It contains an abundance of healthy fats: pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds and also raw virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil contains medium chain fats that are metabolized more easily into energy in the liver, meaning they are less likely to be stored as fat. The granola contains no artificial sweeteners or flavorings. 
It's not too sweet and tastes great in yogurt or milk or just to snack on plain.
Siggis Pumpkin & Spice Icelandic Style Yogurt

 is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It's made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. The whey is then strained away for a much thicker, creamier yogurt. It is on par with Greek yogurt in terms of protein content. This seasonal yogurt is flavored with real pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla bean extract, nutmeg and just a touch of cane sugar. No artificial sweeteners
.  Skyr is fat free so real cream is added for fat and flavor (and satiety!) It has just the right amount of pumpkin spice taste and not as sweet as other pumpkin yogurts I taste tested. It's a great way to get your pumpkin fix in an afternoon snack. 
Nature's Path Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Waffle

Amaranth and quinoa are the two grains used in this waffle instead of regular flour. They
 are blended with spices and real pumpkin puree for a light sweetness. Top with natural almond butter, 100% pure maple syrup or greek yogurt for a festive and healthy breakfast. 

Ciao Bella Pumpkin Gelato 

Gelato on a dietitian's list?! Ciao Bella is a brand of gelato and sorbet that uses real, natural ingredients. This pumpkin gelato has a hint of cinnamon and cloves and a light pumpkin flavor. It is made with real milk, real cream and organic cane sugar, rather than fake dairy or sugar alternatives. Since it still contains added sugar it's not an every day treat. However, when you do indulge occasionally, it's much better to have a little of the real thing rather than a lot of a diet product that is fat free, sugar free and loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives. 

Ella's Kitchen Apples, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin and Blueberries Kitchen 1 Puree 



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